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Katana Koshirae

Classic katana koshirae (刀拵). Black urushi saya with iron and silver inlaid fittings, with karakusa vine motif. The tsuka is of a particular style popular in the late Edo period, characterized by smaller openings in the wrap, as well as often oversized end-caps on the tsuka, as well as kojiri on the saya. Menuki are of stirrups and riding crop.  Tsuba is iron sukashi, with a silver fukurin. During this period, samurai culture was stagnating, with rules and cultural strata softening.  In response, samurai looked back in history, reintroducing older styles, and swords were made to look functional -- owners often were eager to put them to use.  This koshirae dates from this period.  Such koshirae are often mistaken for being older than they really are.  Overall good condition, with some historic restoration around the kurikata. Older tsunagi and sword bag.

Measurements: Overall length 100cm

Late Edo Period (江戸後期時代), late 18th-19th century









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