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Constellation Tanto Koshirae

Lovely little tanto koshirae with astronomical motifs. High gloss black lacquer saya is inlaid with silver constellation motif, and a gold lacquered kaerizuno. Tsuka is deep red lacquered (shu-urushi) sharkskin which has been polished smooth, creating a beautiful grey on red contrast. Brass sun and silver full moon kanagu on respective sides of tsuka, as well as brass kashira, and a silver koiguchi / fuchi inset.  Mekugi is black horn, and is held in place with a thin strip of doeskin leather threaded through a small hole against the tsuka. Custom wood tsunagi as blade proxy. Fine silk sword bag. This is a very refined and tasteful koshirae, and would be a great addition to any collection.

Published: Edo no Tanto Koshirae Korekushon (江戶の短刀拵 コレクション) by Ide Masanobu (井出正信).

Measurements: Overall length 31cm

Late Edo Period (江戸後期時代), 19th century



Constellation Koshirae Compilation_Small_1300px x 809px

Constellation Koshirae Tsuka Comp_Small_1300px x 401px

Constellation Koshirae Star Detail Grey_Small_1300px x 575px

Constellation Koshirae Bag Black_Small_1300px x 718px

Constellation Koshirae Book


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