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Tanto Koshirae

Tanto koshirae (短刀拵), with a complex urushi combination. The base coat is a simple black urushi (kuro urushi 黒漆), which is then covered with a  silver / charcoal powder urushi which looks like shibuichi (shibuichi-ji budo nuri 四分一地葡萄塗), which is then topped with a grape colored urushi.  Windows appear down to the underlying black base, giving a rich color variance and texture.  The section around the kurikata is ribbed, with black urushi. Fittings appear to be shibuichi with gold gilding.  Tsuka is austere, unwrapped, clear lacquered rosewood.  The retention peg is black horn, with gold and silver kiku trim. Hand-woven sageo cord with indigo and silver silk. Custom wood tsunagi, and a sword-bag. Overall this is a simple koshirae, with a dignified aesthetic.

Measurements: Overall length 42cm (31cm saya, 11cm tsuka)

Late Edo Period (江戸後期時代), 19th century


Grape Tanto Koshrae Black_Small_1300px x 325px

Grape Tanto Koshirae Rev Black_Small_1300px x 333px

Grape Tanto Koshirae Tanto Tsuka Detail Black_Small_1300px x 574px

Grape Koshirae Saya Detail Black_Small_1300px x 704px

Grape Tanto Koshirae Bag Black_Small_1300px x 510px



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