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Hayashi Tsuba

Iron sukashi tsuba by Hayashi  (林鐔), with a motif of kiri-mon and tomoe.   This is likely the work of the third master. Tsuba is of  nademaru-gata (撫丸形) or ovoid shape.  The kiri mon motif is executed in positive silhouette or yō-sukashi (陽透), while the tomoe are negative sukashi.  The iron quality is excellent, and the surface has been burnished smooth. There are areas of light cross-hatching on the surface, with remnant gold nunome-zōgan (布目象嵌). The sukashi elements are squared while the rim is tapered and rounded, or maru-mimi (). The smaller dimensions, sub-rounded shape, thickness, coupled with the purposeful yet slightly naive surface carving give this tsuba a very balanced, nice feel.  We recommend this piece for any collection. 

Measurements: 7.5cm x 6.9cm x 0.45cm

Mid Edo Period (江戸時代), 18th century.



Hayashi Kiri mon Tsuba_1300px 



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