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Kōgai / Kozuka Glossary



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(胴) - The trunk of the kōgai

Hakata (刃方) - Towards the cutting edge of the kozuka

Hosaki (穂先) - The tip

Ji-ita (地板) - The central plate, on which the motif is added

Kijimono (雉子股) - Literally 'pheasant thigh', it is the sloping area between the sao and dō of the kōgai

Kōgai () - A personal grooming implement sometimes carried as part of the katana koshirae, in a pocket in the saya

Koguchi (小口) - Literally 'small mouth', it is the opening of the kozuka, or its fitting

Kozuka (小柄) - The decorative handle fitting of the Kogatana; a small utility knife that was sometimes carried as part of the katana koshirae, in a pocket in the saya

Kai no uchi (貝の内 ) - Scoop surface / lip

Kata () - The shoulder

Kubi (頚) - The neck

Mimikaki (耳掻) - Literally 'ear scratcher'

Mayugata (眉形) - Literally 'cocoon-shaped', refers to the shape of the top curve of the plate

Mayugata no kirikomi (眉形の切込) - Refers to the notches in the Mayugata

Mokkō-gata (木瓜形) - Refers to the shape of the entrant, 'Mokkō-shaped', or Mokkō no kirikomi (木瓜の切込) meaning 'notched-in' mokkō

Kubi (頚) - The neck

Munekata (棟方) - Towards the back edge of the kozuka

Sagiashi (鷺足) - Literally 'heron's foot', refers to the shape of the mayugata no kirikomi, usually denoting deeply incised versions

Sao (棹) - Another term for neck / beam etc.

Soko () or Tojiri (戸尻) - Butt-end of the kozuka

-Tsugi - Soldering points used on kozuka kogai. Ha-tsugi (刃継ぎ) joint is along the cutting-edge; Mune-tsugi (棟継ぎ) joint is along the back-edge; Nimai-tsugi (二枚継ぎ) is a double joint either along the back edge, or opposing edges

Warabite (蕨手) - A 'fern-shaped' carved motif at the base of the neck of the kōgai

Wari-kōgai (割笄) - Type of kogai which is split down the middle from mimikake to hosaki, to form chopsticks. Edo period









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