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Ko-Kinkō Menuki

Ko-kinkō menuki (古金工目貫) of scroll weights.  The menuki are carved in a technique known as Katachi-bori (容彫), whereby the subject itself becomes the outline of the menuki, and fine surface carving and finishing from the front.  A lot of detail is packed into these  menuki.  The body is of shakudō (赤銅) alloy, with silver uttori (うっとり) foil application to the lower section and decorative collar, and gold gilding or yakitsuke (焼付け) to the cords and upper body ribbing.  Between the gold ribs, very fine nanako (魚子) has been applied. The menuki are small but feel robust due to the considerable height.   Overall a nice, detailed set at a very reasonable price.


Measurements: 3.35cm x 1.5cm x 0.6cm

Muromachi Period (室町時代), 16th century



Kokinko Scroll Weights Menuki_1300px 



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