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Ko-Shōami Tsuba

Elegant Ko-Shōami sukashi tsuba with symmetrical design of flower buds (左右透).  Motif if beautifully balanced and skillfully executed, invoking a feeling of martial elgance and simplicity.  Iron quality is excellent, the surface of the tsuba has been burnished smooth, and it has a rich brown iron patina.  Fineness and uniformity of the iron suggests it could be sourced from iron sand.  Prominent fold lines are seen within the sukashi openings.  There is a kirikomi (blade cut mark) present on the rim, attesting that this was well utilized and saw fighting service in it's lifetime.  Two shakudo sekigane are fitted within the hitsuana. Comes with a high-quality custom fitted box.

Translation of the NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper description follows:

左右透鐔  (Sayū Tsubomi sukashi tsuba)

無銘 古正阿弥   (Mumei  Ko-Shōami)

丸形 鉄地 地 丸耳 (Maru-gata tetsu-ji ji-sukashi maru-mimi)

Heisei 23rd year (2011) November 2nd


Measurements: 8.0cm x 8.0cm x 0.54cm

Momoyama - beginning Edo Period (桃山時代 - 江戸初期時代), ~1590 - 1620



Sayu Tsubomi KoShoami Tsuba Comp_1300px

Sayu Tsubomi Koshoami Tsuba Sukashi Detail_1300px

Sayu Tsubomi Koshoami Tsuba Boxed_900px

Sayu Tsubomi Koshoami Tsuba_900px



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