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Kyō-sukashi Tsuba

Iron Kyō-sukashi tsuba () with motif of ginger or Myōga (茗荷) and wild geese in flight or Karigane (雁金). The sukashi is skillfully executed, with uniform and symmetrical openings, maintained despite the complexity of design.     The rim is squared with slight rounding of the edge, termed kaku-mimi ko-niku (角耳小肉).  The iron quality is high, and the tsuba retains a nice dark brown patina.  The myōga motifs have light carving or kebori (毛彫) applied to define subtle details.  The irrgular openings for the kozuka and kogai or kawari-gata hitsu-ana (変り形櫃孔), are infilled with lead and stamped with a radial punch, adding a pleasing visual dynamic to this tsuba.  The design elements are interpreted as protective and lucky symbols. Comes in a custom fitted box.

Kyō-sukashi refers to open-work tsuba that were produced in the Kyōto area. The guards represented the aesthetics and refined tastes of the cultural capital. They tend to be slightly smaller and finer in workmanship, with thinner and often more elaborate design elements.

Measurements: 8.1cm x 8.0cm x 0.55cm rim

Early Edo Period (江戸前期時代), ~1625 - 1650.



Kyo Sukashi Myoga and Karigane Tsuba_1300px 

Kyo Sukashi Myoga Karigane Tsuba Boxed_1300px 


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