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Machibori Tsuba

An interesting tsuba likely by a late Machibori (lit. town-carving) artist.  The tsuba is a heavy brass plate, with inlay and gold plating to the surface and high-relief decorative elements.  The motif is of a sage and attendant under a tree next to a running stream. The two figures are separate high-relief gold plated and inlaid pieces, set into depressions in the plate.  The sage is contemplating a book, and it seems the scene is during a rather cloudy sunset. The garmets of the sage are inlaid with silver patterns, and tassels are copper.  In addition, the clouds are inlaid with gold and copper, giving some color and suggestion of sunset. The backside illustrates a running stream beside the tree, a large stone and bamboo grasses.  The stone is inlaid in high-relief copper.  One sekigane in the nakago-ana suggests it was mounted at some point in its life.

The artist signed Otsuryūken Shozui (乙柳軒 政隨), in homage to the famous Hamano school master from the Edo period. Overall, a well-executed, robust tsuba reflecting the style of work popular in the later 19th century, with the growing influence of the  western export market.

Haynes Catalog #10, pg. 60 #154. 1984

Measurements: 8.7cm x 7.3cm x 0.4cm at rim, max 0.9cm

Meiji Period (明治時代), ca. 1870-1890's



Otsuryuken Shozui Machibori Tsuba_1300px 




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