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Nishigaki II Tsuba

Iron sukashi tsuba attributed by Kazutaro Torigoye to  Nishigaki Kanshiro II  (二代西垣勘四郎), with the classic 3-storied pine motif or sankai-matsu (三階松図).  Iron plate, with a luscious deep brown patina.  Iron is of highest quality, very likely sourced from an armorer, with clear, fine horizontal laminations present on the plate and most obviously on the reverse side in the uppermost pine. The surface has been finely burnished and edges pleasingly rounded and sloped for a 3D effect. The outer rim evokes the old, gnarled character of a mature, sculpted pine.  A truly exceptional tsuba, very rarely encountered.

 Torigoye's hako-gaki attestation in the upper right includes a rare vertical red seal, which he used for pieces encountered in Japan, which he felt were masterpieces.


Hakogaki by Kazutaro Torigoye translation:

Box Lid:

西垣勘四郎  (Nishigaki Kanshiro)

Inner Box:

銘二代西垣勘四郎  (Mumei, Nidai Nishigaki Kanshiro) Unsigned by Nishigaki Kanshiro II

鉄地 (Tetsu-ji) Iron ground

三階松 (Sankai-matsu) 3 storied pine

径二寸九分, 二寸八分  (Kei: ni-sun kyu-bu, ni-sun hachi-bu)  Diameter: ~8.8cm x 8.5cm (x0.5cm thickness)

右正真也  (Migi shōshin nari)  Above described object is authentic

昭和廾九年十一月三日   November 3rd 1954 (Shōwa 29th year)

草堂     Sōdō + kaō


Early Edo Period (江戸前期), 17th century.



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