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Owari Tsuba

Owari school (尾張) iron sukashi tsuba with a motif of two tomoe () and two nuts or konomi (木の実).  The iron quality is excellent, with a lustrous patina and a deep chocolate brown color, approaching black.  It is very difficult to capture the color exactly in the images. The iron surface is treated with very fine hammer marks, to produce a light surface texture termed tsuchime-ji (槌目地).  The rim edge is squared, but still flares slightly, giving it a little bit more substance or niku (肉).  Comes with a custom fitted box. Overall, this tsuba has all the features that characterize good quality Owari work, and would be a solid addition to any collection.


Translation of the Hozon paper description follows:

二ツ巴木の実透鐔 (Futatsu-tomoe konomi sukashi tsuba)

無銘 尾張 (江戸初期) (Mumei Owari Edo-Shoki)

丸形 鉄槌目地 (Maru-gata tetsu tsuchime-ji ji-sukashi)

角耳小肉 両櫃孔 (Kaku-mimi ko-niku ryō-hitsuana)

Heisei 21st year (2009) February 24th


Measurements: 7.65cm x 7.65cm x 0.5cm

Beginning of Edo Period (江戸時代初期), ca. 1600-1625







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