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Higo Tsuka_940px

Higo Tsuka

Classic lacquered leather-wrapped tsuka with shakudo fittings.

Early to Mid Edo Period, 17/18th century.

Constellation Koshirae Small_940px x 300px

Constellation Tanto Koshirae

Refined tanto koshirae of astronomical theme, including a constellation, sun and moon. Published in "Edo no Tanto Koshirae Korekushon".

Late Edo Period, 19th century.

Grape Tanto Koshirae_Small_940px x 235px

Tanto Koshirae

Multi-colored urushi tanto koshirae with shibuichi fittings and hardwood tsuka.

Late Edo Period, 19th century.


Classic Katana Koshirae

Austere koshirae, with indigo wrapped tsuka-ito, abumi / riding crop menuki. Black urushi saya; iron fittings with silver karakusa inlay.

Late Edo Period, 18/19th century.







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