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Nodachi Rinpo Sukashi Tsuba_Obv_Small_460px
Nodachi Rinpō sukashi tsuba

Exceptionally rare, massive iron Nodachi tsuba of Rinpō sukashi motif, with field damage and repair.

Kamakura - Nanbokuchō period

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Hoan Rinpo Tsuba_460px
Hōan tsuba

Iron Hōan school tsuba, with the Rinpō motif, and classic acid-etched surface treatment.

Early Edo Period

Naginata Tsuba_460px
Naginata tsuba

Yamagane Naginata tsuba with associated kanagu.

Mid Muromachi Period

Mino Tsuba_460px
Mino tsuba

Mino school tsuba with floral motif

Edo Period

Kokinko Tsuba Gold Waves and Kiri Mon
Ko-kinkō tsuba with gold waves and kiri mon motif

Ko-kinkō yamagane tsuba with extensive gold application

Azuchi-Momoyama Period

Heianjō kikyō-mon and saddle motif tsuba

Excellent brass inlay tsuba with interesting design. NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho paper.

Momoyama - Early Edo Period

Umetada Kuyo Mon Tsuba_460px
Umetada tsuba

Iron Umetada school tsuba with gold inlay and shakudō inserts

Early Edo Period

Heianjo Hyotan Tsuba_small_460px
Heianjō hyōtan motif tsuba

Large Heianjō tsuba with bold sukashi and colorful motif of hyōtan (gourds). NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper.

Early Edo Period

Umetada Gohei and Map Obv_small_460px
Umetada tsuba with Gohei and map motif

Umetada school tsuba with motif of Gohei (Shinto ritual implement), and an old map of Japan on the reverse.

Early Edo Period

Myochin Munesuke Mokume Tsuba_small_460px
Myōchin mokume tsuba

Exceptional mokume tsuba, signed and dated by the 24th mainline master Myōchin Munesuke.

Dated 1717

Owari konomi and tomoe motif tsuba

Owari tsuba with unusual design combination and excellent iron quality. NBTHK Hozon paper.

Early Edo Period

Toran Kei Obv Black_Small_460px x 529px
Tōran-kei tsuba

Classic, large early bronze tsuba with remnant gold gilding, and 6 sukashi openings.

Kofun Period, 6th century







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